Ready To Get Married? See How To Do Wedding With N100k In Nigeria

How to do wedding with 100k in Nigeria

Do you think it is ever possible to do wedding with N100k in Nigeria? Find out in the rest of the article below.

Disclaimer: This post is for those who are due and want to really get married for genuine reasons. Not those who just like the idea of marriage and flamboyant weddings but broke to afford it. If you find yourself in the flamboyant wedding category, please skip this post. Otherwise, continue reading.

Two many excuses for not being able to settle down these days. One of the big challenge is the lack of money. You would often find many men complaining of money to marry and keep a wife.

Many are waiting to hit N1M+ in saving before taking the bold step, more to me like peer influence. Hey! Don’t try to impress anyone.

Nobody has gotten the award for the best wedding ever! So cut your coat according to your size. Don’t over spend for people who don’t care or will care when you are unable to pay your debts after the wedding. You are getting married for you not them!

Below, I have outlined how you can get married with just 100 thousand Naira budget.

Pre – advice to you

  1. Before anything, make sure you choose a good woman. You may need to stop chasing “classy ladies” who are broke but have high taste – they are not your type and they will drain your pocket and put you in big mess even after marriage due to their unending demands for this and that.
  2. Make sure you go for ladies who also want to get married not those who just like the idea of marriage and flamboyant weddings with many guests.
  3. Go for ladies who are working or have something doing. If she is not working, make sure she is not the materialistic type. A good woman who is working will definitely support you no matter how little when the budget go overboard since she knows the marriage is for both of you. A non materialistic woman on the other hand will see points from your view when you tell her you are low on budget and then find ways to adjust her demands.
  4. Avoid women from states who collects very high bride price – I’m sure you know these states. I do not need to mention them.
  5. Marry someone in the same town with you to avoid transportation costs to and fro each states and moving in-laws around.

Now the kind of wedding you are going to do is traditional marriage and court wedding.

Don’t forget we are working with 100k budget.

How to do your wedding with just N100k in Nigeria

After planning with your girl and both of you have agreed to see her parents, tell her to inform them you don’t like crowd and that you are low on budget. A good and understanding woman will work with you and find a way to coerce her parents to accept whatever you bring.

How to spend the N100k

  1. Take only one of your uncles along with you. If your father is still alive carry him along (make sure you have gone to inform them about it before, with 1 bottles of hot drink or palm wine). A bottle of hot drink should not be more than 1,500 Naira – two of them makes 3,000 Naira.
  2. On the introduction day to see the girls parent, buy palm wine along with cola nut worth 5,000 Naira and take to the girls parents and ask for her hand in marriage. If they accept your request, after everything drop about 5k in an envelop for the parents or anybody that represented them at the introduction event and arrange for a day to pay bride price. Tell them you don’t want crowd as you are short of budget. Total spend = 10,000 Naira.
  3. On the actual day for the traditional wedding, borrow aso ebi or traditional wedding attire from your friend who has done traditional wedding before. make sure the attire is simple enough and not flamboyant. Don’t be shy, just swallow your pride and do it – trust me they will be very happy to give you since it’s your day. Do this also for your wife to be. Then use your old shoes and let the lady use her old shoes too, you are getting married and not going to impress anybody. Total spend – zero Naira.
  4. Go over to the girls parent place fully dressed in your traditional wedding attire. Do not carry anyone along even your friends. Don’t worry, your friends and others will see the photos on social media later. Only carry one of your uncle and your father if he is still alive and can move about.

Before hand, tell your uncle to negotiate the bride price well and tell him your budget is 35k. The girl might have told her parents also that you are low on budget based on you peoples agreement. Buy kola and hot drink again 5k. Camera man 2 hour section should be 10k or even less.

After you go there, they will go inside, your uncle will do the remaining job, telling your in laws you do not have enough money but you love their daughter so much. They will negotiate and pay the 35k and give you your wife.

Take pictures with your uncle and father together your in laws for memory sake and a prove to the rest of the world who cares.

After which carry your wife go home and let her cook correct soup with with bush meat for about 3k and serve your uncle and father for a job well done.

Total spend at the traditional wedding = 53k.

Lets say miscellaneous should be 3k.

Total money spent so far from introduction to traditional wedding equals 3,000 + 10,000 + 53,000 + 3,000 Miscellaneous = 69,000 Naira

Now, there are some people who do not believe you are truly married until you do white wedding. The lady might also want to wear the white robe as a prove she is married. This is where the court wedding comes in – otherwise, you don’t need it.

For the court wedding, take a friend who will serve as a witness, tell your wife to do the same. Four of you should to court and they will issue you marriage certificate. Yes! It’s that simple and should not be more than 5,000 Naira.

After that, go and rent wedding dress for your wife for 10k.

For your suit, make sure you use your old suit, if you don’t have a good one, borrow from your friend also. Pay photographer 5k and let him take better photos of you and your wife together with your best man and her brides maid.

Total spend for the court wedding = 5+10+5 = 25k.

After the photo shoot, invite your friend and the chief bridesmaid and whoever attended the ceremony for lunch. Make sure they are not more than 7 guests.

Use 3k and cook sweet fried rice and serve with 100 Naira bottled water (total 700 Naira for 7 people). Total spend for reception = 3,700 Naira.

Now, lets calculate grand total for the wedding.

  • Traditional wedding cost = 69,000.
  • Court Wedding costs = 25,000.
  • Reception costs 3,700.
  • Total = 97,700 Naira.

Remaining 2,300 Naira change for you to flex.

So that is it guys. 100k wedding budget.

Now, what you will do is to go to all your social media pages and post those pictures of the wedding and you will see massive congratulations from friends and foes.

Wishing you a successful wedding ahead!


Hey buddy, do you think it is possible to spend just N100k on wedding in Nigeria in this economy?



Credit: WhatsApp group.

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