5 Profitable Skills To Learn And Make Money Online From Home

5 Profitable Skills To Learn And Make Money Online From Home

This is a descriptive guide on the profitable skills to learn and make money online from home during and after lockdown.

In this guide, you will know why how making money online is and skills to learn so that you can make money online daily or weekly or monthly.

Why learn to make money online?

Learning to make money online is easier than it was a decade ago. Technology, what was accused of killing traditional business and jobs is now what is turning people into millionaires. You shouldn’t be left out.

Learning to make money online makes making money easier for you while you still keep your 9-5pm job. You just have to work from the comfort of your home without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.

But how do you make money when you have none of the skills wanted online?

The fact still remains, you can’t make money either online or offline if you have got nothing to offer.

What should you offer in order to make money online?

5 Profitable Skills To Learn And Make Money Online From Home

Below are skills you can that will fetch you money while you stay at home tending to other things.

how to make money online with digital marketing

1). Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing simply means the use of electronic devices to market products and services to consumers online and even offline.

Digital marketing encompasses;

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Surely, you can’t possibly become a guru at all of these categories of digital marketing. All you have to to do is pick one or two and master it(them).

How to make money during lockdown with social media marketing

A). Social Media Marketing:

In a nutshell, it is the use of social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) to market or advertise products and services to the right kind of people on social media.

You can’t just go ahead and set up ads on Facebook and expect to kill it. You will need to  learn.

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B). Search Engine Marketing:

Have you ever Googled search a particular term and saw some of the results having “ads”? Good!

Those are contents/products set up by Search Engine Marketers. It is so on other search engines.

You can learn this skill and help businesses advertise products on Google and other search engines.


C). Search Engine Optimization

This is simply the art and science of making sure website or blogs rank on search engine result pages for keywords or terms the website or blog is about. Ranking high means more traffic and as expected, more sales.

SEO and SEM can go together. But if you have a website, blog or you are a writer, it is a must you SEO as a skill.

Care to learn? Contact Dapo Obembe of Assist Blogger Academy.

D). Email Marketing

This is marketing of products and services via email to the subscribed prospects.

Thinking who still reads email? People still do. To make use of this skill or make money with it, you will have to learn it the right way.

Ready to learn? Contact Prosper Noah, one of the best in town.

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E). Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the art of selling other people’s products/services while you get paid commission based on agreement when people buy or subscribe via your affiliated link.

When you learn how it is done, you can join the likes of Warrior plus, Amazon etc. Jumia, Kings etc (if you are in Africa).

Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing works so well.


2). Copywriting:

Copywriting is simply the art and science if writing articles/copies used on web pages, ads and promotional materials to sell products and services and also to convince prospective customers to take action.

Without this skill, selling of products online will be harder.

Mastering the art and science of Copywriting will make you a hot cake.

Want to begin the journey? Download this free eBook to start. You can also contact Joshua Owie, one of the bests in town.

how to make money with blogging during lockdown

3). Blogging

Blogging is the process of making/sharing your thoughts, passions known and to the rest of the world via a medium called Blog. E.g XboxNaija

Blog is a small, personal website. It can be used to promote business and so much more. Before deciding to start a blog, make sure you know the nitty gritty of it.

With your blog if you start rightly, you can be making at least N3k daily

Want to learn blogging? Contact Dapo Obembe of Assist Blogger Academy to learn how to become a blogger and make money with it.

4). Making Video for Business Advertisement

This is also a Marketing skill. Every businesses wants to reach more and more people every day and to capture people’s mind, videos can be used.

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With this skill, you can start making money online while at home.

Online tutor

5). Online Tutor

Do you have any skills or recipe you’d love to share with the rest of the world?

You can create a medium where you will be teaching people at the comfort of your home. You can teach with different medium. Videos, WhatsApp, Zoom and so on.

To be respected by your students, make sure you know what you will be teaching.

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Wrapping up Profitable skills to learn and make money online

Their is money online and you can make it while at the comfort of your home. This article has revealed to you 5 profitable skills to learn and make money online during and after this lockdown.

It is now left to you to learn, master and market any of the skills you want. There’s no shortcut to making money online only if you want to be scammed.

Take action today and be glad you do tomorrow.


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